The Washington Times - March 27, 2009, 01:56PM

New research suggests that it takes a man at least 8.2 seconds to fall in love, the Daily Telegraph is reporting.

That’s the minimal length of a man’s gaze during an initial encounter.


Researchers studied the eye movements of 115 students.  Those who stared for 4 seconds or less were not interested in the women they were looking at.  But those who gazed for at least 8.2 seconds were very interested.

Researchers said the tactic is used exclusively by men to help them find fertile mates.

Note: That’s 8.2 seconds to FALL in love, not MAKE love.  You’d need to add a couple of seconds for the other.

Of course, ladies, you can’t place too much emphasis on the man’s gaze.  He might be unable to look away from the spinach in your teeth.

It’s no longer “love at first sight.”  It’s “love at first 8.2 seconds of unbroken eye contact.”  Now that’s romantic.

What does it mean if a guy gazes at a woman for longer than 8.2 seconds?  That he’s really into her?  Or that he’s a restraining order just waiting to be issued?