The Washington Times - May 30, 2009, 07:28PM

Nadya “OctoMom” Suleman has signed a deal to put her family of 14 children into a reality TV show, Us Magazine is reporting.

Her attorney, Jeff Czech, says the show will be a “quasi-reality TV series” that will follow the family around during big events, such as her octuplets’ first birthday.  Czech would not say how much Suleman will be paid.


Suleman, who had herself artificially inseminated to give birth to octuplets, signed the contract with the Eyeworks production company, which is seeking a network deal for the still unnamed show.

Posssible names: “Mother Knows Best,” “Eight More Is Enough,” “My Big Fat Freakin’ Family,” “Crazy Lady With 14 Kids” and “Nadya Plus 6 Plus 8 Plus …”

Suleman’s attorney said her show won’t be like “Jon and Kate Plus 8.”  That’s not surprising.  She’d need a husband to make that show work.

I guess this is the “plan” for taking care of her brood that Suleman has been talking about since her octuplets were born in January.  Genius.

Admit it.  From the first moment you heard about a woman having a litter of children, you’ve known this was going to happen. The question is: What took them so long?