The Washington Times - December 2, 2007, 12:07AM
Sean Taylor

\ Forever.\


\ I got caught up in the emotion of it all last week and made the egregious mistake of attacking another colleague, the Washington Post’s Len Shapiro, calling him a “racists,” a “dog” and a “skunk” while giving my two cents on the matter in an interview with Mark Gray on The Sports Groove on WOL-AM.\

\ Len, you didn’t deserve to be attacked like that. I don’t know enough about you to lodge these charges against you, especially when we are in a time when real hate crimes are on the rise according to every indicator.\

\ Did I disagree with what you wrote? I did. I had a huge problem with you claiming that Taylor, whom you admitted you never got to know, embraced the “thug” lifestyle, and I have found this to be a stereotypical analogy made by many of my colleagues covering African American Athletes.\

\ The African-American community is tired of these unfounded conclusions - that we are hopelessly pathological and bent on our own destruction - and the generalizing that too easily goes with it.\

\ And guess what? The rank-and-file of black athletes are sick of it, too. This explains why one Wizard who saw what I said reported on local blogs voiced his support of my position with a protracted hug and a handshake prior to the game in Philadelphia.\

\ What we are finding out about these alleged killers is that Sean Taylor’s past youthful indiscretions didn’t even create a negligible connection between his murder and how he lived his life. They are charged with unpremeditated murder for a killing police say was unplanned, and with each and every detail and fact we are finding out that Taylor was almost certainly chosen by random.\

\ But I stray.\

\ While you now appear to be dead wrong in your rush to judgment, I was certainly wrong to assail you the way I did. I should have voiced my opinion in more civil terms and we could have agreed to disagree and left it at that.\

\ In the end, it won’t bring back the son, fiance and the father.\

\ — John N. Mitchell