The Washington Times - October 18, 2007, 11:08PM
DeShawn Stevenson Andray Blatche SEE RELATED:

\ Stevenson is a seven-year veteran out of Washington Union High (CA). Blatche, on the other hand, is beginning his third season out of South Kent Prep (CT).\

\ Stevenson has been around the league long enough to know when he’s watching a very good player as his career begins to take off, and Stevenson thinks that this is the year that Blatche’s career begins to soar - if Blatche doesn’t get in his own way.\

\ “I think he can be a 10 (points) and 10 (rebounds) guy this year,” Stevenson said following the team’s practice Thursday at Verizon Center. “With a big guy like that you are going to get a lot of tip-ins. In our offense - and coach has been saying it - there are going to be a lot of post-up opportunities for him, Caron and ‘Twan.”\

\ Ten and 10? The Wizards have been looking for that for years, probably since the days of Moses Malone.\

\ “With his talent, the way he can get rebounds. He’s always near the basket. There should be no reason why he can\0x2019t be a 10 and 10 guy.”\

\ Stevenson said that his career started to take off three years in, right where Blatche is now. If he’s going to take the next step, Stevenson said, Blatche just can’t get in his own way.\

\ “I think if he stays real focused on his game it will be easy. But he’s got to stay focused on his game. He’s still got to get more serious. Even though he was blessed with the contract I don’t think he knows how serious this is, that this is your job. He’s still just having fun. But once he figures it all out he’s going to blossom.”\

\ — John N. Mitchell.