The Washington Times - December 12, 2008, 02:24PM

After late games normally Ed Tapscott pushes back practice from 11 a.m. to noon. But today he had his younger players plus the two new additions, Mike James and Javaris Crittenton, report at 11 a.m. anyway to get them some extra work in the system. Then when the veterans reported at noon, the Wizards worked on a few things then ran some scrimmages. The day ended on a high note as Tapscott staged a situation for his two squads. Putting 1:30 on the clock, and a tie score on the scoreboard, he pitted the ‘White’ team (the young guys) against the ‘Black’ team of veterans.



With time running out, J-Critt (as he said everyone calls him) brought the ball up the court and drilled a 3-pointer at the horn to lift the young bucks, who hadn’t beaten their senior counterparts in sometime now, Tapscott said.


The coach added two scaled down packages for Crittenton and James to focus on as they continue to become familiar both with the system and their teammates. They’ll be better prepared for tomorrow night’s game at Philly, but Tap will stick with the same starting lineup, which includes Juan Dixon at point guard and DeShawn Stevenson at shooting guard.


A lesson the Wizards took from last night’s thumping by the Celtics was that they MUST work to improve. “No more easy practices,” Tap said. The Celtics are the best not only because of their talented roster, but because every single player is committed to playing defense, and putting in extra work to find ways to improve. “We got ourselves here,” Tap said. “And the only way we’ll get out of this is to work.” He said his players seem hungry enough to follow suit.