The Washington Times - December 3, 2008, 06:33PM

After suffering a brief scare when he was floored after knocking knees with New Jersey‘s Bobby Simmons late in last night’s game but still managed to come back and play the final stretch, Wizards forward Caron Butler is fine and will start for tonight’s home game against the Portland Trail Blazers.



Butler was limping around pretty badly in the locker room at New Jersey last night but went through the team’s walkthru this afternoon just fine, coach Ed Tapscott said.


“He’s fine. If you saw the tape, when they banged knees, he was opening up anyway,” Tapscott said. “His foot was already off the ground, so just banged and it turned out not being too bad.”


The Wizards will go with the same starting lineup, and Oleksiy Pecherov again will be on the inactive list.


Tonight’s game is another rookie center measuring stick matchup for JaVale McGee as he faces off with Greg Oden, which should be interesting. Both are legit 7-footers, but Oden has more of a power game, while McGee is quick, explosive and athletic.


“Greg Oden is a very celebrated player, very powerful and strong guy, so I’d say what you’re going to see is speed against strength. JaVale is quick and lithe, but he’ll be at a strength disadvantage. I’ve asked him to use his speed and quickness against Greg in anyway that I can: Run the floor real hard, be sure you make him really run. At times if you get pinned underneath, be an obstacle and don’t give up cheap fouls.”