The Washington Times - December 30, 2008, 11:18PM

Caron Butler said in the locker room after the game that he will be getting an MRI done on his left ankle on Wednesday.



The ankle, which remains painful and swollen following the initial injury in which Butler rolled it on Christmas day in Cleveland, is bruised and has a knot on the inside-lower area, just off of the ankle itself.


Butler had tried the last two days to see if he could go, but any time he tried to shift, or push off of it, the pain was too great. He’s hoping he gets some good news, but admits it’s a weird and unsettling thing he’s going through right now.


Meanwhile, Antawn Jamison hadn’t heard the latest news on Butler when he was asked about it a short time after Butler made his revelation.


Jamison was stunned and expressed the team’s need for Butler to get some good news and come back soon. “Let’s hope not. I didn’t know it was that severe. Hopefully when he visits the doctor we can get some good news. … We definitely need him. It’ll be really tough to go the rest of the way or without him for an extended period of time without his services out there,” Jamison said.


Jamison said there is no quit in the Wizards — at least not in himself.


“Not for me,” he said when asked if it’s getting harder to summon the fight needed to compete at a high level. “I can’t speak for anyone else but as long as I put that jersey on, man, I have pride. I want to win. This is what I do. I don’t think it’s difficult for the rest of these guys as well. We know it’s been a difficult time and we’ve been struggling, but we’re all going out there and playing hard.”


The 2008 portion of the team’s schedule, here’s to hoping 2009 brings the Wizards some brighter fortunes.