The Washington Times - November 3, 2008, 01:11PM

Eddie Jordan and his Wizards returned to the practice court today, two days after falling to the Detroit Pistons, and suffering their second loss of the season.


Jordan said today’s practice was about re-enforcing a positive mindset and featured a lot of shooting, and also some work on improving that philosophy of being disruptive on defense.

Jordan said he hasn’t decided whether Oleksiy Pecherov will make his season debut on Wednesday after being inactive the last two games, but he feels for the second-year forward. “It’s agonizing telling a guy he’s not going to play that night,” Jordan said.

Pech, meanwhile, is maintaining a positive outlook. He stayed on the court 15 minutes longer than any other Wizard, working on his shot. And said once he came off that he understands the situation he’s in, he’ll continue to work hard and be ready whenever Jordan calls his name.

And when asked how long it would take for him to put up a shot once he does finally get into a game, Pech grinned and said “Sh—! I’m gonna get buckets, son!”

Jordan is still unhappy with Andray Blatche, who was benched after just four minutes Saturday night after getting torched by former Wizard Kwame Brown, however. Asked today if the fourth-year big man responded in a positive way during today’s practice and if he’s closer to getting back into the coach’s good graces, Jordan offered a long pause and finally said, “Uh, next question. And you can quote me on that.”