The Washington Times - October 30, 2008, 01:43PM

Eddie Jordan ran the Wizards through a short practice, and then went over film of Wednesday night’s season-opening 95-85 loss to the New Jersey Nets, and took his players back to training camp while seeking a lesson to draw from the loss.


“I reminded the team about what [former Celtics great and training camp guest coach] K.C. Jones taught us in training camp, which was very profound to me, was when they won championships in college and with the Celtics, they had team harmony,” Jordan said. “Harmony, meaning they accepted roles, they knew how to communicate, they had positive energy, and it wasn’t about I want the best shooters to score, to shoot. If I’m a defender first, I’ve got to get into my man, concentrate on defense. If I’ve got to run the floor just to clear out space, that’s what I have to do just to create harmony, to establish harmony and to retain harmony. I thought that’s what was missing last night.

“I also thought about what he said, ‘Effort is inspiring.’” Jordan continued. “I thought we gave some effort, but we could’ve given more. And when I give extra effort, it inspires my teammates to give more and it inspires them to support me. So, I thought that’s mainly what was missing last night.”

Jordan also pointed out the poise with which the Nets played, and how the Wizards need to improve their veteran intelligence, continue to trust the system moving forward.

Following practice and the film session, Jordan’s charges were upbeat despite the loss, pointing out that none of the shortcomings on Wednesday are tough to correct. They eagerly look forward to Saturday’s game in Detroit where they’ll get their opportunity to show they are capable of much better.