The Washington Times - September 28, 2008, 01:55PM

After his players hit the court two hours early for a second straight day — following the lead of “Coach Arenas,” as Eddie Jordan is now calling Agent Zero, the real Wizards head coach was pleased to see his team continue to get after it in practice, and actually called it a day two hours early.

Jordan said he saw the quality and focus he had hoped to see, and that the Wizards got a lot accomplished, so decided not to drag practice out any further just to fill the slated time slot.


“These guys are here two hours before practice and they put a lot of work in, individually and with the coaches,” Jordan said. “Once we see that we’ve got the quality of work in at a high level and I see it diminishing a little bit, I’d rather stop it. They’re going to want to enjoy the quality of it instead of the quantity and the goal is to see if we can go longer the next time.”

Jordan again praised the efforts of Dee Brown, and also spoke highly of Dominic McGuire, Andray Blatche and DeShawn Stevenson.

Antawn Jamison said his hip is still a little sore. He got some shooting in today, but didn’t take part in any drills. Jordan said he’s not really concerned that the strain will turn into something bigger.

So, the Wizards are done for the day and have two practices scheduled for tomorrow.