The Washington Times - December 9, 2009, 03:09PM

     It seems you can’t turn any where without hearing someone’s take on the Tiger Woods situation. And by now you may or may not have  heard by now about Brendan Haywood’s latest blog entry on his point of view of the Tiger Woods.

    In his blog for YardBarker, Haywood wonders if Elin Woods isn’t out to get paid rather than save her marriage. Haywood quotes a line from Kanye West’s Gold Digger when referring to Mrs. Woods. And he says she’s lucky she is married to Tiger Woods instead of Chris Brown.


    Haywood’s blog got 245 comments, when he normally has in the low 20s or teens for many of his blogs. And he actually took time to respond to many of them.

    I asked Haywood about what type of feedback he’s getting from his Woods blog and he said: “It’s interesting. I think some people obviously might not like it, some people might like it. It’s a different point of view. I think a lot of people are bashing people out there, and he’s done his thing, but I try to look at both sides. I know I put something out there that might not be that popular, but that’s because a lot of people are thinking it. I’m not the only one.  

     “Being a pro athlete it’s definitely in 2009,” Haywood added. “It’s way different than what it was in 1999 because now you can take a photo with some one and put it on facebook or twitter. It’s on everything. Things are so much different. Michael Wilbon told us yesterday ‘Anyone with a camera phone is now media.’ Anything you do, you’ve got text message, email, everything can be used to help you, it can be used against you. The game is different now. So when you’re on the professional level, you’ve really got to watch your back”

   It’s not the first firestorm Haywood has sparked with his blog. Earlier this summer questioned Stephon Marbury’s sexual preference on his blog and later issued an appology.

    I asked Haywood’s teammate Gilbert Arenas what he thought of Haywood’s take. Arenas, as you remember, used to have an entertaining/controversial blog himself, but stopped prior to this season because he was tired of having to always explain himself.

     But when it comes to Tiger Woods, Arenas believes people are overreacting.

     “Man, I don’t know why everybody’s sitting around here like it’s something new,” Arenas exclaimed. “Tiger Woods is Tiger Woods! It’s not like he looks like Seal. It’s not like he’s not going to have a whole bunch of women. He’s Tiger Woods! I’m surprised 400 girls didn’t come out. It’s Tiger Woods y’all. It’s Tiger Woods man. Did you think no women were going to come out? I was expecting at least 25 by the end of this week”

     Arenas said he isn’t surprised by Haywood’s blog, saying that the center has a knack for bringing spice to situations.

     ” Brendan knows how to make comments funnier than what they should be,” Arenas said. “I heard him when he talked about Marbury and got killed for it. But it’s just making your opinion. And this is what I tell people when they ask me about blogging. At the end of the day, the person who’s blogging is basically media, too. So the comments you make is the same thing people be thinking anyway. It’s not like I said something out of the blue. If I’m talking about contracts, you’re saying the same thing media’s saying, but since it comes out your mouth it’s like something big, like ‘Oh he’s not supposed to be saying anything like that.’”

     Now, … as far as on the court, the Wizards were back at it today, preparing themselves for the Boston Celtics, who are leading the Eastern Conference and boast the best defense in the league and a 9-1 road record.

    Everyone healthy practiced today, and Flip Saunders continues to talk about the need for more aggression out of Arenas and better overall execution.

     “I’ve told you 8,000 times, we talk about our formula for success is really easy,” Saunders said. “Don’t turn the ball over. If we have more assists than turnovers, we have a great chance of winning. Get off to good starts in the first quarter and if we rebound and defend and do some little things. Right now, we turn the ball over and we just put some pressure on our defense and getting good shot opprotuniites and many games weve lost, we’re taking 10, 11, 12 shots fewer than the other team. and we’ve been defensive rebounding well from that standpoint.”