The Washington Times - January 10, 2009, 06:45PM

The Wizards, coming off of a loss to Chicago last night, will be going for their first win when playing a back-to-back this season. So far, the Wizards are 0-7 when playing a second consecutive game. And the scary thing is, as bad as they looked last night, it’s hard to imagine what the Wizards will look like when they’re dragging because of having played the night before and then fly back.

But the game must be played.

The Wizards will go with the same starters as usual, but look for Nick Young — and maybe even Oleksiy Pecherov — to get off the bench a bit earlier following their performances in Chicago last night.

We’ll see if JaVale McGee’s drought continues. Ed Tapscott has insisted that the lack of playing time isn’t a reflection of anything the rookie is doing wrong. And I checked with some of the veterans on the team and their belief is that the coaches are making JaVale sit and soak up as much as possible while he continues to work to develop more discipline and better judgment in his shot selection. It’s better to instill that discipline now rather than let him keep playing with poor judgment and technique and get all that more ingrained into his game. However, here’s to hoping he gets sharpened up real soon. …

Arenas, Haywood and Stevenson are all inactive — as usual — and for Charlotte, Matt carroll, Ryan Hollins and Sean May will sit.