The Washington Times - January 2, 2009, 06:46PM

The Washington Wizards will have Caron Butler back on the court tonight when they take on the Boston Celtics, but they will be without DeShawn Stevenson, who is out with lower back pain.

Stevenson said in the locker room before the game that he has been nagged by this injury — a pinching type of pain that begins in his lower back and extends down into his legs — ever since training camp. You probably remember talk of some type of nerve damage in his leg that was hampering him. Well this is a result of the back. Stevenson had an MRI done on New Years day and it was learned that he has a disc that is slightly off and is pinching a nerve.

“It’s tough, especially in the type of situation we’re in, I feel like I’m leaving my teammates hanging,” said Stevenson, who expects to be out roughly 2-1/2 weeks while trying to rest his back and receive treatment to help. “I’m not moving right out there, haven’t been right all season. It finally got to a point where in New Orleans, I felt like I couldn’t move out there. Then I had the MRI.”

It’s been clear to see that Stevenson, who hasn’t missed a game since April 13 of 2005 when his daughter Skye was born, hasn’t been right. Maybe now we know the cause for his drop-off.