The Washington Times - January 27, 2009, 02:25PM

The Wizards will be down to just one healthy center when they take on the Miami Heat in Miami tomorrow night as center Andray Blatche will be out for at least the next two days after he went down in a heap after banging his left knee with Shaquille O’Neal’s right knee during Monday’s loss to the Suns.



Blatche had said after the game that he was hoping to practice today and play tomorrow, but that seemed a bit overly optimistic considering he had a huge bruise on the inside of his knee and thigh. Blatche had an x-ray after the game and it revealed no structural damage. But he had an MRI this morning and the team is working on releasing a statement on the findings of that.


In other injured center news, Etan Thomas was re-evaluated today and Ed Tapscott said that the center is “two to four weeks away from being able to resume running.” At that point, the Wizards’ medical team will see how Thomas’ knee responds and the hope is that he will be able to return to practice and possibly game action soon after.


That’s the team line, but let’s keep it real. Every day Joes can tear their MCL and let it heal and continue through life with some limitations, but still be ok because their lives aren’t that strenuous anyway. But, if you’re a pro athlete, your chances of being able to play with a torn ligament in your knee are extremely slim. Etan doesn’t have the strongest history of being a fast healer, and he’s 30 years old. I guess anything’s possible, but the Wizards seem to be being a little overly optimistic hear.


When asked about the struggles that continue, Caron Butler said it doesn’t seem like it could be possible. Just two years ago on this exact date, the Wizards had beaten Detroit to take over the top spot in the East. Now they’re the worst team in the league.


“Every day I feel like I’m being punked and I’m waiting for Aston Kutcher,” Butler said and then chuckled. “Because I just can’t believe we went from that to this. I mean, I’m like ‘Brendan, is your hand really hurt, for real? Gil, are you really still not right?’ But, you’ve got to remain positive and be the captain for the young guys and stay strong for this organization.”


Tapscott said either JaVale McGee or Darius Songaila would start at center, but he had yet to decide.