The Washington Times - July 3, 2009, 02:11PM

     The NBA is now on its third day of the free agency period, and as expected, the Wizards have yet to make a move. Ernie Grunfeld said on June 30th, that this would be a drawn-out process as he and his staff keep a check on the moves that are being made around the league, and wait to see who’s left out in the cold. When reached earlier this afternoon, Grunfeld said nothing has changed.

     “We continue to monitor and we’re making calls, and things are starting to shake themselves out now,” Grunfeld said. “But like I said the other day, if we add a big man, it’ll be later this summer once we see who’s still out there, or possibly a late-summer trade. But there are options for us.”


     The Wizards are well over the luxury tax threshold, and despite their desire to add a fifth big man, are hoping to find someone at the veterans minimum, or either by trade, because given their financial situation (being roughly $5 million over the tax limit) whoever they get, they’ll be paying double.

     The Wizards were listed among possible suitors for Antonio McDyess, but sources with knowledge of the situation said although Washington would love to have McDyess on their roster, they know can’t offer anything close to what other teams will offer him. The Wizards don’t want to use the mid-level exception, because even if a player agreed to that ball-park figure of $5 million, Washington would be taxed equal that number and end up paying $10 million total. McDyess is a solid vet, but not worth $10 million as a 10-minute-a-game backup, which is what the Wizards are looking for.

    So, expect the crickets to keep chirping as far as Wizards free agency goes for a little while longer.  Stay tuned …


— Mike Jones

Twitter: @sptswrtrjones