The Washington Times - June 18, 2009, 01:07PM

     The Wizards just held an individual workout for Arizona junior forward Jordan Hill, and he has good size and decent athleticism, but I can’t say I came away with an overwhelming “this is a top 5 pick” feeling.

     This was the third of five workouts for Hill, who previously this week showcased his skills to Golden State and New York.


     By working out individually for an hour straight, Hill definitely was put to the test for the Wizards. There was no taking breaks between drills while waiting for fellow prospects to take their turns.

     “One on none is no joke,” Hill said with a chuckle while trying to catch his breath following his workout.

     On the type of NBA player he expects to become, Hill said, “I don’t envision myself being any particular NBA player. I don’t mock anybody’s game. I do here Amare, Chris Bosh, Chris Wilcox, but I’m just trying to play my game. Do my thing.”

   On what “my thing” is, Hill said, “an athletic big that can shoot, run the floor, rebound, quick feet, things like that. Versatile big.”

    Hill said he could see himself fitting in nicely with the Wizards, but that “it’s not really my call,” and “I really don’t care. I’m just trying to be chosen. It really doesn’t matter.”

     The Wizards will hold one more workout, on Monday, but those players are most likely second-round to non-draftees.