The Washington Times - June 25, 2009, 11:19PM

     Well, that’s that. The Wizards took Jermaine Taylor out of Central Florida and delt him to Houston for cash. The obvious thinking is that they have a veteran team and a 32nd pick wouldn’t help them right now, so why draft him and have him stuck on the end of the bench and paying not only his salary but matching it dollar-for-dollar in a luxury tax payment?

     The surprise, however, is that Pittsburgh’s DeJuan Blair slid all the way to the second round and the Wizards had a chance to take him — a move that would’ve met the need for an additional big body — but didn’t.


     Grunfeld actually was rather humorous when speaking with the media after the 32nd pick was made, but before the trade took place.

     I asked him what the thinking was and he said “I like guards. The more the better,” then laughed. I asked, obviously you’re gonna move the pick, right? And he admitted that “there probably will be some news in the morning.” Turns out two minutes later, Grunfeld and Co. finalized their deal with Houston to snag some cash in exchange for Taylor.

     The Wizards at some point this summer — whether it’s through free agency or trade — need to address that big man deficiency. We’ll see what happens …

     Smartest team in the draft: (Aside from the Clippers) Oklahoma City. Their Five of the Future is now set. Harden should be a great fit at shooting guard, and Mullens gives them the shot-blocking center they need to complement Durant, Green and Westbrook.

     Dumbest team: Minnesota Timberwolves for drafting four point guards. They traded Ty Lawson away, but for a future pick. Way to have four first-rounders and not legitimately help yourself get better.