The Washington Times - September 28, 2009, 10:16PM

Earlier today, the great Mike Jones described Washington Wizards guard DeShawn Stevenson as “the entertainer of the day,” and from the looks of things, he wasn’t kidding.

“You know me and Gil are kinda crazy, so I’ll say 50 wins this season,” he told the assembled masses at media day earlier on Monday.


The 50 wins prediction? Honestly, not so crazy. This team has talent, it’s just got to stay healthy. But then, there are the tattoos. DeShawn not only got healthy this past offseason, he went and got all inked up.

There have been a few photos out there of the new tats today (props to Truth About It), but I’m not sure you’ll see better renderings of them than what we’ve got here, as photographed by our very own Peter Lockley.

Peter got three shots, showing all three pieces of new neck and face art on Stevenson (as well as the sweet beard; a shame we can’t see the rat tail).

Some descriptions, cobbled from Mike’s earlier post:

The first is pretty self explanatory: That’s our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, on DeShawn’s throat.


On his right temple along his hairline, DeShawn has the word “LONDYN,” which is his 1-year-old son’s name.


On his left cheek bone is the Pittsburgh Pirate’s ‘P’. “That’s my favorite team,” Stevenson said. “Barry Bonds, when he first started.”

More from Mike:

The thing about the P is, however, that it’s backwards and looks more like a 9. DeShawn tried to explain, “No, if you’re standing where Dom’s standing and looking at me, it looks like a P.” Dominic McGuire was standing directly in front of him about 10 yards away, but it still looked like a 9. I think DeShawn meant to say, “when I look in the mirror it looks like a P.” 

And finally, Stevenson got a crack inked on the left side of his forehead. “I don’t crack,” he said. “I feel like people always try to break me, but I don’t crack. So, I put that there.”


Mind you, unbreakable DeShawn Stevenson played all of 32 games for the Wizards last season because of a herniated disc in his back, which required surgery. But those kind of details aren’t near as fun as these tattoos. So, on this NBA media day … enjoy.

And again, excellent work, as always, by Peter and Mike — they’re the best.

- John Taylor