The Washington Times - August 6, 2007, 11:57AM
Beat reporters David Elfin and Ryan O’Halloran debate the state of the Redskins after one scrimmage and nine days of training camp: 1. Of all the nicked up Redskins — Portis, Thomas, Samuels, etc. — which one should fans be most concerned about? SEE RELATED:

O’Halloran: Clinton Portis Chris Samuels Elfin: 2. What’s with all the short practices? Wasn’t this supposed to be a “tougher” training camp? O’Halloran: Elfin: 3. Are the Redskins taking a chance by carrying just one kicker and one punter? O’Halloran: Elfin: 4. Last year’s preseason was a debacle with an 0-4 record and injuries to Portis and Shawn Springs. Should we expect the starters to play more against Tennessee? O’Halloran: Elfin: 5. What is one thing to watch during Saturday’s preseason game at Tennessee? O’Halloran: Elfin: