The Washington Times - September 14, 2007, 05:12PM
It’s been too long since we turned our boys loose on some juicy Washington Redskins topics. So before the games get underway and the NFC East leaders get on the bus bound for Philly, we sent some questions to Ryan O’Halloran and then to David Elfin. And here’s what they sent back. The password is “pay toilet.” 1. So what was more real last week — the game had by Santana Moss or the one by Randle El? SEE RELATED:

Ryan O’Halloran: Miami Eagles David Elfin: 2. But enough about those two; the real question is, who gets more snaps against the Eagles: Reche Caldwell or Brandon Lloyd? Ryan O’Halloran: David Elfin: 3. Is Clinton Portis back to being Clinton Portis? Will we see a disguise next week? Ryan O’Halloran: David Elfin: 4. Is this Eagles team as frightening to the Redskins and their fans as those in previous years? Ryan O’Halloran: David Elfin: 5. Finish this sentence: On Monday night, Todd Wade will. … Ryan O’Halloran: David Elfin: 6. So the Dallas Cowboys have overtaken the Redskins as the most valuable franchise in the NFL. What is The Danny’s next move? Ryan O’Halloran: David Elfin: