The Washington Times - August 28, 2008, 02:00PM

DENVER — His name is Chris Hughes, and he oversees the Twitter, text-message and other social media goodies for Obama.



He’s 24 and he was at blogger headquarters central in Denver talking strategy with party faithful.


“Facebook and MySpace have been enormously important in connecting the dots,” said Hughes, referring to the Internet’s ability to mobilize and unite small cyber pockets of activitsts.


Hughes also talked about the fact that older voters, who are more likely to head to the polls, do not participate in new media as much as young voters. But he said even though the campaign is bulking up on social and new media, this doesn’t diminish in any way the traditional, old-school approach of voter drives, phone calls and rallies.


“It’s not really an either or for us here,” Hughes said.


Hughes, who helps coordinate Obama’s massive text messaging operation, said the campaign was forced to send out the 3 a.m. text message notifying supporters of Sen. Joe Biden as Obama’s vice presidential pick because the mainstream media had already begun to run with Biden’s name even though they didn’t have an official on-the-record statement from the campaign.


I asked him if the campaign edited Wikipedia pages to make them pro-Obama and was told no, the campaign does not.