The Washington Times - August 29, 2008, 12:21AM

DENVER — During his warm-up act for Barack Obama at Invesco Stadium, former vice president Al Gore said young voters’ unprecedented interest in politics indicates a desire for change.

“Many people have been waiting for some sign that our country is ready for such change,” said Gore, who was beaming before the crowd of 70,000. “How will we know when it’s beginning to take hold? I think we might recognize it as a sign of such change if we saw millions of young people getting involved for the first time in the political process.


“This election is actually not close at all among younger voters; you are responding in unprecedented numbers to Barack Obama’s message of change and hope. You recognize that he represents a clean break from the politics of partisanship and bitter division.

You understand that the politics of the past are exhausted, and you’re tired — we’re all tired — of appeals based on fear.”