The Washington Times - August 29, 2008, 08:05AM

DENVER — Barack Obama sought to appeal to the cell phone generation inside Invesco by having the crowd text messages of support.



As you can see from this JumboTron, the campaign asked people inside Invesco Field to text why they got involved in the campaign to 62262. At one point in the rally, Ray Rivera, Obama’s Colorado state director, came out and asked everyone to whip out their cell phones.


“Tonight we’re taking it to another level,” Rivera said. “Everyone take out your phone, we’re going to do some work.”


On Invesco’s JumboTrons, a flashing map of the United States appeared, with flashing stars indicating levels of support in the various states. Rivera said the more people who texted to 62262 from their area, the brighter and bigger the star would appear from their area.


A half hour later Rivera came out again and said the campaign had received 30,000 text messages within the last 30 minutes. These numbers are of course useful to the campaign because it gives them an immediate connection to hosts of party faithful.