The Washington Times - January 11, 2013, 05:53PM

A horse escaped from Laurel Park and made a sprint down Route 1 Friday morning, a three-county journey through Maryland. He was caught without injury 1.6 miles later.

Bullet Catcher tossed jockey Jeremy Rose on the way back to the barn after his morning workout and then got loose.


“You think you’ve seen it all,” former rider Mark Rosenthal, who co-owns the gelding, told the Maryland Jockey Club.

It happened at about 9 a.m. Friday. According to the Maryland Jockey Club, the 4-year-old gelding left Laurel Park, made a left on Whiskey Bottom Road and then onto Route 1.

“I had finished working a horse and was coming to the jocks room when I saw a horse run by heading out of the stable gate,” jockey Abel Castellano said, as quoted by the MJC. “I decided to follow the horse and maybe when he stopped I could catch him. All of a sudden we got to Route 1 and there was a red light. I saw the cars driving by and I said ‘oh my God, we’re going to have an accident’ but at that moment it changed to a green light to make a left and the horse just made a left. I went ‘oh, we’re so lucky so far’ then we got the point where the road splits, you go right so that horse he keeps to the right, so we follow him.

“The horse is still running 30 miles an hour. Finally he slowed down in front of the Chrysler dealership almost to Main Street and we were able to catch him. The story had a happy ending, but it was scary.”

Thanks to Mike Gathagan of the MJC for the information.

Here’s cellphone video of the chase, as taken by Castellano: