The Washington Times - July 2, 2008, 08:39AM


The Redskins have a QB problem



Robert Janis


The Redskins have a quarterback problem. Consider this: From 1993 through 2007 the Washington Redskins have had 19 starting quarterbacks. NINETEEN!! In contrast, from 1964 through 1984 they had three.


What happen? They’ve relied on the draft or they signed has been free agents. When they truly traded for a quarterback they got Sonny Jurgensen, Billy Kilmer, Joe Theismann, Brad Johnson and Mark Brunell. All these quarterbacks led the Redskins to the playoffs. 


Free agency or the draft just doesn’t do it when you are trying to get a quarterback with any chance of longevity. Here’s the list of Redskins QBs since 1993 and you tell me how successful they’ve been. 


Mark Rypien

Heath Shuler

John Friez

Gus Frerotte

Jeff Hostetler

Trent Green

Brad Johnson

Jeff George

Tony Banks

Shane Matthews

Patrick Ramsey

Danny Wuerfiel

Tim Hasselback

Mark Brunell

Jason Campbell

Todd Collins


Sammy Baugh, Eddie LeBaron, Mark Rypien and perhaps you could say Jay Schroeder have been the only Redskins quarterbacks who were drafted by the team and showed success. Otherwise, forget the draft.


Picking a first round draft choice is a crap shoot anyway. Why take the chance when you can let some other team groom a QB and then sign him as a heavy free agent or trade for him, even if it means giving up a number one and two. 


Again, the proof is in history — Jurgensen, Kilmer, Theismann, Johnson and Brunell. 


I know that we have to give Jason Campbell a chance. He is going into his second year as the team’s starter and quarterbacks taken in the draft are commonly given at least three seasons to show what they can do. But if by the end of the 2009 season, we don’t see anything out of Campbell, then it’s bye bye and a trade.