The Washington Times - July 22, 2008, 08:12PM


Redskins training camp — Day Three



John Pappas


Today was our first glimpse of Jason Taylor in a Redskins uniform.  If

you haven’t seen any of the photos from today, go on over to for some shots I took this morning

(   Taylor

participated in some squad drills and later today some 9-on-9s.  He did

not participate in the 11-on-11s that featured the most action today.


Today was also the first day players were wearing pads.  There were two

sessions today (as there has been since camp began) and camp was again

open to the public this morning.  Unfortunately for the fans, this

morning’s practice was cut short by about an hour due to lightning and

heavy storms that rolled through at about 9:40AM.  I feel for those of

you who came out and didn’t get to see a full practice.  Don’t worry

however camp will again be open to the public tomorrow morning at 8:30AM

(with gates opening at 6:30AM).


I noticed today that the defense seems a bit ahead of the offense.

While the offense was able to execute some things, the defense is made

most of the plays with almost all of the highlights was by guys in dark



Here are notes from today’s practices:


•    London Fletcher was not here today.  His wife is due to deliver a baby

any day now and it may have been related.

•    I wrote on Extremeskins today that receivers seem to be waiting on the

ball a lot from Campbell.  While hitch and comeback routes are designed

for this, it seems to me that guys who are supposed to be catching it in

stride are having to slow or stop waiting for the ball.

•    Demetric Evans knocked Todd Wade on his rear end.  Yesterday it was

Jansen.  He also had a batted ball during the 11-on-11s.  I asked Coach

Palermo about him and he praised Demetric’s work ethic.

•    H.B. Blades met Clinton Portis in the gap during a running play and

flattened him.

•    Justin Tryon had a very nice pick of a Jason Campbell throw intended

for Anthony Mix.

•    Coach Bugel praised draft pick Chad Rinehart today, saying that he

thinks he has the potential to be special.

•    Bugel also said that he is very pleased that Jason Taylor is here so

that the offensive line can drill against him.

•    Clinton Portis turned his ankle in practice this morning but was back

on the field this afternoon.