The Washington Times - July 28, 2008, 09:31AM


Camp Buzz — July 26, 2008



Robert Janis


This was Fan Appreciation Day and it is reported that more than 20,000 came out to celebrate. I know it was at least that. I was caught in traffic from the Waxpool exit of the freeway to Redskins Park. Sitting in traffic for 2-1/2 hours is not as much fun as attending a game.


In any event, Coach Zorn was somewhat pleased with the offense during the scrimmage. He noted that there was a good drive to start the event. it seems that Coach Zorn is a major believer in tempo and he has been trying to instill that into each and every member of the team. “I’m very big on tempo,” he said. “I want to go in there every play and just drive, but we’ve been working now for the last six days.”


For the first week Zorn called out a number of players for good performance. This list included Jason Taylor, Antwaan Randle El, Santana Moss, James Thrash and Jason Campbell. 


As every Redskins fan knows, Zorn has made Jason Campbell is personal project. And the coach said that he is first, impressed by Campbell’s progress, and second, he added the relationship between the two is very good. “We communicate well with each other,” said Zorn. “He will tell me straight up what happened and if you go back and look at the play later, it’s what happened. I think we are going to have a great relationship.”


The team has finally completed its first week of camp and Campbell is happy with the progress. He also made comments about the new West Coach Offense that he will be managing. “Each and every day you learn something new,” he said. “We’re putting in new plays. I feel very comfortable about what we’re doing on offense. I just go out there and try and play the game and let the game come to me. I want to have fun with it. You’re going to be more comfortable with certain plays and may hold back a second on other plays. Sometimes your misaligned and you’re not expecting the guy to be in that position. We’ve got a lot to learn and we’ve got to keep working.”


Campball admits that at this point the defense is ahead of the offense. “Defense should always be ahead,” he said. “The defense isn’t really learning a new defense they’re just adding on to what they already know. We’re starting from scratch.”


The first pre-season game is Sunday, August 3 and Campbell believes that the team is ready. “It’s a pre-season game, so it’s just for us to go out there and continue to build on what we’re trying to accomplish for the season. Each week is going to be different and give everybody an opportunity to play and have fun.