The Washington Times - December 12, 2007, 05:29PM
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\ “Todd’s a real good guy, but there are a few quirks about him,” center Casey Rabach said of Collins, whom he calls ‘Rain Man.’ “Todd sniff everything. He sniffs the football. He sniff his hands a lot, smells papers. He’s a kind of a goofy guy. He keeps the mood real light.”\

\ Collins said that while he might have smelled a football or two in his time — it gets pretty boring standing and watching a decade — he’s not a serial sniffer.\

\ “Don’t believe Rabach, he doesn’t know what he’s saying,” Collins said. “Those O-linemen like to play jokes on me all the time. I like to sometimes smell the football before I get going. I just love the game. You’ve got to love the football. Try it sometime. Cowhide.”