The Washington Times - December 23, 2007, 04:05PM

\ 1. Green Bay lost to Chicago. That gives Dallas home-field advantage through the NFC playoffs regardless of what the Cowboys do next week against the Redskins. Translation: Receiver Terrell Owens was already out with an ankle injury but expect the Cowboys to sit several other front-line players to avoid injuries. That obviously favors the Redskins.\


\ 2. New Orleans lost to Philadelphia. The Saints were the fly in the Redskins’ ointment — even if Washington won its final two games, it would have meant nothing had the Saints won their last two. But New Orleans laid a defensive egg on its home field against the Eagles. That means a Vikings win tonight clinches a playoff berth (and eliminates the Redskins). That means a Redskins win tonight means they enter Week 17 in control of their own playoff fate.