The Washington Times - December 27, 2007, 12:32PM
Redskins beat writer Ryan O’Halloran and Channel 4’s Lindsay Czarniak chat about the win over the Vikings, quarterback Todd Collins, coach Joe Gibbs and some other year-end type topics. 1. The Redskins continued another December to remember with a win at Minnesota on Sunday night. Both of you were in the Metrodome. For Lindsay, what was the most impressive part about the 32-21 victory? For Ryan, should Redskins fans rejoice over this victory or pause because Minnesota was so awful for three quarters? SEE RELATED:

Lindsay: Ryan: 2. Todd Collins was 22 of 29 against the Vikings with two touchdown passes. When he entered for Jason Campbell against Chicago, what were your expectations for him? And, what has been the most surprising aspect of Collins’ performance? Lindsay: NFL Ryan: 3. With help from two staff members, Joe Gibbs correctly challenged a call against Minnesota that the Vikings had 12 men on the field. The Redskins regained possession and eventually sealed the game with a touchdown to end that drive. In the last three games, since the Buffalo Timeout Debacle, have you seen a renewed sharpness/focus with Gibbs’ in-game decision making? Lindsay: Ryan: 4. Dallas, like several other playoff teams who enter the final weekend of the season with its playoff position solidified (the Cowboys are the NFC’s No. 1 seed), are expected to rest several front-line players. The Vikings and Saints can’t be happy about this. How do you two feel about teams not tanking but not trying to win games? Lindsay: Ryan: NFC East 5. Prediction time. As previously stated, the Redskins’ playoff scenario is simple — beat Dallas and they’re headed west to Seattle; lose and they need Minnesota and New Orleans to also lose in order to squeak in. Who ya got and why? Lindsay: Ryan: BONUS 6. The debates will continue through the post-season but this will be the last one before the calendar turns to 2008. In addition to the Redskins, you both cover a variety of sports. Two-parter: A. What was the best non-Redskins event you covered in 2007? B. Who was your best interview? C. What was your worst travel story?\ Lindsay: Ryan: