The Washington Times - December 6, 2007, 01:52PM
Redskins beat reporter Ryan O’Halloran and Lindsay Czarniak from NBC 4 look back at Sean Taylor‘s funeral, the loss to Buffalo, Joe Gibbs‘ game management. And, they make a pick for Thursday night. 1. You were both down in Miami on Monday for Sean Taylor’s funeral. Did anything surprise you about the atmosphere or the messages delivered by the speakers? What was a highlight from one of the speakers? SEE RELATED:

Ryan: Lindsay: 2. In the loss to Buffalo, did either of you sense a flat-ness or non-intensity to the Redskins effort/performance considering the week they had to endure? Ryan: Lindsay: 3. Joe Gibbs had more game management issues in the final seconds of the Bills game, calling a second consecutive timeout even though that was against the rules. How concerning that these situations keep cropping up? And while you’re at it, your take on Gibbs not knowing the Redskins would play 10 men on the first defensive snap? Ryan: Lindsay: 4. Although Taylor didn’t do a ton of interviews or provide much insight to his personality, you both were around the Redskins during his time with the team. Any one story stick out? Ryan: Lindsay: 5. The Redskins have the quick turnaround after Sunday’s loss and Monday’s funeral and play Chicago on Thursday night. Who ya got? Ryan: Lindsay: BONUS 6. Since Lindsay became the first of the Redskins Debate crew to tackle the magazine cover business (this month’s Washingtonian, above) which magazine will be calling her next and which one may help Ryan escape from the newspaper business? Ryan: Lindsay: