The Washington Times - November 23, 2007, 11:50AM
Redskins1. In what should come as no surprise, Lindsay was right with last week’s prediction - a close Dallas victory while Ryan had the Cowboys rolling. In the 28-23 loss, why couldn’t the Redskins keep Terrell Owens in check?\ \ \ Ryan: SEE RELATED:

Lindsay:2. Santana Moss came off a heel injury to catch a season-high nine passes and his first touchdown of the year. Were you surprised by his production considering his health issues?\ \ \ Ryan:Lindsay:3. Jason Campbell had his best statistical game against Dallas (33 for 54, 348 yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception). He’s out-played a bunch of veteran quarterbacks. What’s the thing that sticks out about No. 17 in the last few games?\ \ \ Ryan:Lindsay:4. Two questions from the comments section, in condensed form: A) Why have the Redskins during Gibbs’ four seasons seem to be poor at making halftime adjustments, a strong suit during Gibbs’ first tenure? B) If the Redskins finish 9-7, does Gibbs come back? If they finish worse, would be fired/asked to retire?\ \ \ Ryan:Lindsay:5. It’s save-the-season time for the Redskins Sunday in Tampa Bay. A Redskins win or a three-game losing streak?\ \ \ Ryan:Tampa Bay 24-20.Lindsay:The Redskins win 27-20.BONUS\ 6. The Redskins know Tampa’s stadium pretty well - this will be their fourth trip in the last 24 months. What are your five favorite stadiums and your No. 1 worst stadium in the NFL?Ryan:Lindsay: