The Washington Times - November 30, 2007, 02:30PM
Redskins beat writer Ryan O’Halloran and Lindsay Czarniak of NBC 4 discuss the death of Sean Taylor, how the Redskins will react to the tragedy and whether this impacts Joe Gibbs‘ decision to return in 2008. 1. How concerning is it to you that Sean Taylor was even in Florida last week in the first place when the Redskins were playing in Tampa?\ \ \ Lindsay: SEE RELATED:

Ryan: 2. What were Monday and Tuesday like for you covering this story for print/television and have you ever covered anything remotely close to this before?\ \ \ Lindsay: Ryan: 3. Several players stepped to the podium on Monday and Tuesday. Which players or coaches impressed you with their willingness to step up and share their thoughts?\ \ \ Lindsay: Ryan: 4. If Taylor’s death wasn’t enough to handle, the Redskins have lost three straight games and now play twice in a span of five days with a funeral in between. How do the Redskins recover and what happens from here football-wise?\ \ \ Lindsay: Ryan: 5. Does Taylor’s death send Gibbs into retirement following this season? If so, who’s the successor?\ \ \ Lindsay: Ryan: