The Washington Times - October 27, 2007, 10:58AM

\ My lead has shrunk to just four games and the season isn’t even half over yet.\

\ I know I’ll sound like a broken record, but, again, what a dreadful slate of games this weekend. Take away Redskins-Patriots and what else is interesting? Possibly the Green Bay-Denver game but because it\0x2019s on ESPN, meaning the game will be a rumor, I won’t be watching. I tried to watch Indy-Jacksonville last week, but when Russell Crowe was in the both, the game became a rumor. And I like Russell - can’t wait to see “American Gangster.”\


\ Here are this week\0x2019s picks:\

\ Redskins at New England\ Duce: New England.\ Ryan: New England. The Redskins’ defense will keep the team in the game for a little while but the offense just doesn\0x2019t have the firepower to keep up.\

\ Indianapolis at Carolina\ Duce: Indianapolis. \ Ryan: Indianapolis. The Colts were ultra impressive last week in Jacksonville. Who knew their defense would be this good? They beat the Vinny-led Panthers to set up next week\0x2019s showdown with the Patriots.\

\ Detroit at Chicago\ Duce: Detroit.\ Ryan: Chicago. If the Bears do anything the rest of the season, they’ll look back to the last-minute drive to win at Philadelphia last week. But they have to do better stopping the run.\

\ Pittsburgh at Cincinnati\ Duce: Pittsburgh.\ Ryan: Cincinnati. The Steelers are in for a letdown. They nearly escaped Denver last week with a win but lost at the buzzer. The Bengals stink but they’ll win.\

\ NY Giants vs. Miami (London)\ Duce: Giants. \ Ryan: Giants. Each and every week the Dolphins lose, the Redskins’ overtime escape in Week 1 looks less impressive.\

\ Philadelphia at Minnesota\ Duce: Minnesota. \ Ryan: Minnesota. Last call for Philadelphia this year and maybe Donovan McNabb? The Eagles lose and drop to 2-5. You can bet the fans will want a change to rookie QB Kevin Kolb.\

\ Cleveland at St. Louis\ Duce: Cleveland.\ Ryan: St. Louis. The Rams know this is one of only two chances they have to win this year. That’s why Steven Jackson is coming back from a groin injury.\

\ Oakland at Tennessee\ Duce: Tennessee.\ Ryan: Tennessee. The Titans won last week despite not having Vince Young, despite blowing a 32-7 lead and despite settling for eight field goals.\

\ Buffalo at NY Jets\ Duce: Jets.\ Ryan: Buffalo. The Jets are terrible. Period. The best the Redskins can hope for is that Chad Pennington is just good enough to hold onto his job for another week.\

\ Houston at San Diego\ Duce: San Diego.\ Ryan: San Diego. Back home after relocating to Arizona for a few days, expect the Chargers to be fired up. They’ll win the AFC West.\

\ Jacksonville at Tampa Bay\ Duce: Tampa Bay.\ Ryan: Tampa Bay. Jack Del Rio and “Shack” Harris may get the gate in Jacksonville after the season. Release Byron Leftwich? Fine. But not sign a veteran to back up David Garrard? Inexcusable. Somebody named Gray starts at QB.\

\ New Orleans at San Francisco\ Duce: New Orleans.\ Ryan: New Orleans. Watch out for the Saints. A win here and they’re 3-4 (after an 0-4) start and right in the NFC South hunt.\

\ Green Bay at Denver\ Duce: Denver. \ Ryan: Green Bay. Although I wasn’t impressed with the Packers two weeks ago, I’m even less impressed by the Broncos. Wonder if John Madden will ask to be back on MNF one more time so he can talk about Brett Favre.\

\ Records\ Last week: Ryan 7-7, Duce 9-5\ Season: Ryan 68-33, Duce 64-37