The Washington Times - December 10, 2008, 10:44AM

The locker room doors swing open in about 90 minutes and there will be no shortage of topics to discuss with the players.

And none of them include playing the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.


Yesterday’s Clinton Portis radio interview, in which he blasted coach Jim Zorn throughout, is absolutely today’s top story. Portis generally doesn’t talk until after practice on Wednesdays … about 15 feet from where Zorn will conduct his briefing.

Zorn certainly has a crisis on his hands. His team is 1-4 in the second half. His offense can’t score. His running back is ripping him on the radio. And they need to win their final three and get a lot of help to just make the playoffs.

Zorn should have addressed the Portis issue during his time on the radio, which was an hour after Portis’ appearance. Instead, he’ll be bombarded with Portis questions today.