The Washington Times - December 15, 2008, 01:18PM

Redskins coach Jim Zorn‘s Monday press conference just ended — with two questions getting in today after Zack Bolno got out the early hook and called for “last question”. That’s two early hooks from the Redskins PR staff in two days, if you’re keeping track. Zorn typically goes for about 30 minutes at these Monday gatherings; today his presser ended after 20 minutes.

The highlight: Zorn pointed the finger squarely at himself, which he’s gotten more criticism over the second half of the season for not doing. Today’s performance was straight out of the Coach Joe playbook: My fault, it’s on me, I didn’t get it done.


“I’m not sure I could ask any more of the players,” Zorn said. “These last six games we’ve asked a lot of them and they’ve responded well.

“I have to look at myself. It’s all about me. I need to check my plan of attack and my staff, we need to reevaluate. … We have to take resopnosibility for some of these games that haven’t turned out like we planned.”

Referring, we can assume, to five of the last six games which ended in losses after the Redskins’ 6-2 start.

As for what needs to change, Zorn didn’t offer a lot of specifics aside from re-assigning the blame.

He did mention his game-planning, which starts on Monday and goes throughout the week, he said. He and his staff aren’t just failing on Sunday, but all week long.

The slow starts — like getting outscored 38-0 over the last three first quarters? His fault, and the fault of his staff, because they chose to send the offense out and they scripted the first 15 plays.

“That’s a coaching decision to put those 15 plays on the field,” he said, “and we’ve had to punt.”

Zorn maintained he’s not concerned about his job status, and that he’s in the loop with ownership and management. The toughest thing to deal with? Letting the players and fans down (told you he sounded like Coach Joe).

“It hurts. I feel like the worst coach in America. [The players] risk a lot. They put out tremendous effort, tremendous emotion to go out and play. We can win some of these games. I have a hard time looking at the talent and just saying that’s [the problem] and moving on.”

A few other items of note:

* On Sunday’s home game against the Eagles, which technically still matters in the playoff race for both teams (although the word “playoffs” did not come up today): “I’m not throwing in the towel ever, I’m going out to win. … I feel just sick that we started out so fast …. and then to run so flat, we owe it to everyone to win.”

* Jason Campbell is fine on two fronts: Not being injured (that was a funny bone whack) and playing well enough to keep the job. “You’ve just got to play through it, you’ve got to play the next play,” Zorn said. “Jason is playing very tough football, standing strong when a breakdown in protection happens. He’s got tremendous talent.” So you can put your Colt Brennan signs away.

*Injuries: They’re hoping Griffin, Marcus Washington and Anthony Montgomery will be back. Fletcher and Golsten will be limited in practice this week. No update on Jansen. Horton, Moss and Springs will be ready to go.

More from the guys later.

- John Taylor