The Washington Times - December 16, 2008, 03:23PM

Clinton Portis just wrapped up his weekly appearance on “The John Thompson Show” on ESPN 980. Whereas last week Portis used the chance to rip coach Jim Zorn, he was downright blah moments ago.

Some of the comments:


*Portis basically said he wants Jim Zorn to return in 2009:

“Hopefully there isn’t a major shakeup and we don’t have to elarn a new offense,” Portis said.

*He said Zorn has not lost the locker room:

“For Coach Zorn, there was a lot of pressure coming in, from the way he came in getting the job to the 6-2 reocrd to the expectations being sky high and then all of a sudden, we’re 7-7 and the feeling is ‘Oh, Coach Zorn lost the team.’ He didn’t lose the team.”

*On not getting the ball on third-and-goal from the 1-yard line:

“As a team and as a coaching staff, everybody believes in everybody on the field and when a guy gets an opportunity to make plays, we have to find a way to convert. I don’t think giving Mike [Sellers] the ball on goal-line was a bad idea.”

*Portis was semi critical of the pass protection for Jason Campbell:

“What we got to do is protect better. … Truth be told, [the offense] is a work in progress. We’re still leanring the offense. … We have to find way to protect Jason better and get through the next two games.”