The Washington Times - December 21, 2008, 09:38PM

Like most fans, reporters in the press box were closely following the Chargers-Bucs and Falcons-Vikings games to determine whether the Redskins would be out of the playoffs no matter what. After the Bucs fell to the Chargers earlier in the day, the Falcons became the team that knocked the Redskins out.

But it seems most Redskins coaches and players were focused solely on beating the Eagles, and that’s probably the way it should be since it’s the only thing they can control. Jim Zorn said he was aware Atlanta could be a factor, but had to be told by reporters after the game that the Falcons had won.


And then there was this actual exchange between myself and defensive coordinator Greg Blache:

“Did you guys pay any attention at all to the Atlanta game?”

“Atlanta?” (gives me a quizzical look)

“Atlanta’s winning knocked you out of the playoffs. Was that even on your radar screen?”

[Laughs] “Nah!”

“So what was your thinking going into the game? Did you feel as if you were already possibly out of the playoffs before the game even ended? Or is that not even something you focus on?”

“No. it’s so hard to win. I don’t focus on anything beyond the Eagles.”