The Washington Times - December 29, 2008, 12:09PM

Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell just did a wrap-up press conference here at the Park and he dropped a little bit of a bombshell when asked what kind of moves the team might make in the off-season.

“I’m pretty sure there will be some dramatic changes and some may even be shocking,” he said. “We all have to be prepared for that.”


Asked what he meant by “shocking,” Campbell said: “Just personnel wise. There are probably going to be some shocking moves this offseason. They come every off season. Everybody understands that whartever we’re doing, it’s trying to improve the team.”

On the 8-8 record, Campbell said: “It was our first year in this offense and to finish 8-8 is not acceptable and it’s under our standards and it’s not something we’ll by no means accept. … We didn’t win the games we should have won down the stretch and that’s something we have to look back at and see what went wrong and what happened. I’m pretty sure injuries played a lot do with it and the long training camp and the long preseason. We have to find a way to win the games we’re supposed to win if we’re ever going to be an elite team in this league.”