The Washington Times - December 29, 2008, 01:03PM

Redskins coach Jim Zorn mentioned during his afternoon press conference that Washington will pick 13th overall in the 2009 NFL Draft.

Washington has four draft picks in the seven-round affair: A pick in each of the first, third, fifth and sixth rounds. The second rounder went to Miami in the Jason Taylor trade; the fourth rounder landed Pete Kendall last season; and the seventh rounder went to Minnesota for Erasmus James.


As of today, here’s how the first 15 picks look; the rest of the first round will be determined as the postseason plays out:

First Round

1. Detroit (0-16)
2. St. Louis (2-14)
3. Kansas City (2-14)
4. Seattle (4-12)
5. Cleveland (4-12)
6. Cincinnati (4-11-1)
7. Oakland (5-11)
8. Jacksonville (5-11)
9. Green Bay (6-10)
10. San Francisco (7-9)
11. Buffalo (7-9)
12. Denver (8-8)
13. Washington (8-8)
14. New Orleans (8-8)
15. Houston (8-8)

Another interesting note: Detroit also will have the Dallas Cowboys’ first round selection, which should be somewhere around 20th overall; the Lions received that pick in the Roy Williams trade.

- David Elfin and John Taylor