The Washington Times - June 23, 2008, 03:49PM

A question posed on a recent Redskins message board wondered what Seattle ran offensively against the Redskins in the teams’ January playoff game, won by the Seahawks 35-14. This is obviously asked to start predicting what kind of formations Jim Zorn will use as the Redskins’ coach.

You asked for it, here it is.


Total snaps: 54

4WR-1RB: 14 times. … Seattle ran this formation on four of its first five snaps. The big plays out of this set was a 17-yard touchdown run and a 20-yard touchdown pass. The pass-run breakdown is 10-4.

3WR-2RB: 10 times. … The Seahawks connected for a 35-yard pass but also threw an interception. The four running plays gained nine yards.

3WR-1RB: 17 times. … This ended up being the most common formation. Seattle passed 11 times (plus one sack) from this set.

2WR-2RB: 8 times. … Four passes (including one INT) and four runs.

1WR-2RB: 4 times. … Three of these plays came after Seattle assumed a 28-14 lead.

5WR: 1 time. … Mike Holmgren lined up Shaun Alexander as a receiver and Shawn Springs snuffed out the play for a 1-yard loss.

Expect this to change with Zorn because of the presence of Chris Cooley and the expectation to get rookie Fred Davis on the field. Since Cooley is an every snap player, whenever Davis is on the field, he’ll have to be moved around.

* One bit of Redskins news today: the team announced that Dan Snyder is footing most of the bill for the Hall of Fame celebrations for Darrell Green and Art Monk. The check is for $200,000 and according to a news release, the cash “will help fund celebrations to be held in Canton, Ohio surrounding the Hall of Fame ceremony and will also benefit the charitable foundations of both Monk and Green.”

- Ryan O’Halloran