The Washington Times - October 12, 2008, 02:28PM

The tailgaters have Redskins Fever and the stadium’s operations department still has Incompetency Fever. The parking lot was jammed three-plus hours before kickoff with fans allowed to occupy two spots to set up their pregame feasts instead of being humane and merely setting up a few folding chairs and a mini grill in front of their cars.

Once inside the NFL’s worst stadium, Sir Scribble noticed a rare sight. A Redskins equipment man stood in the middle of the field, at around the 25-yard line, holding a helmet skyward. Scrib’s guess is that it was the headgear of either Jason Campbell or London Fletcher to see if the radio transmitter is working.


* Chris Cooley’s newest pregame activity: Lobbing passes from the 5- and 10-yard lines and trying to hit the cross bar. Also taking part were Colt Brennan and regular Cooley sidekick Todd Yoder. Brennan connected with a 25-yard pass.

* One of Pete Kendall’s favorite words is “methodical.” The same adjective is apt for his pregame routing. Starting at 10:45 a.m., he did a series of runs and stretches that lasted nearly 30 minutes.

* Former Redskins offensive assistant Bob Saunders chatted with Todd Collins, Mike Sellers and Stan Hixon before warm-ups.

* As if there was any doubt, the Capitals’ in-game production was far superior to the Redskins. Instead of using broadcast time outs to shill for the various sponsorship interests, the Capitals involve the fans on the big screen above center ice.

Ryan O’Halloran