The Washington Times - October 13, 2008, 11:16AM

According to computer and numbers guru Jeff Sagarin of USA Today, the Redskins have now dropped to No. 4 in the NFL, based on his wacky ratings that use ELO CHESS and the PURE POINTS PREDICTOR. Again, I have no idea what any of it means (other than they’ve played a pretty tough schedule, Rams aside), except that no one associated with the team can hold up a foam index finger.

Well, check that: Clinton Portis is No. 1. Through six games, the Redskins’ running back has 643 rushing yards on 136 attempts (good for a 4.7 average) to lead the NFL, along with six scores. Only Reggie Bush and Ronnie Brown have scored more touchdowns.


But back to the team rankings: Peter King has the Redskins ranked sixth in his MMQB’s Elite 18, with the following comment:

6. Washington (4-2). I see where Clinton Portis thinks the media was the problem with the Redskins’ loss to St. Louis. We pumped up the ‘Skins too much for his tastes, evidently. I wouldn’t blame the media, fella. I’d blame three lost fumbles, the first three lost fumbles by your team this year.

I think PK may have read the reports wrong. … Portis was blaming the team for believing the media.

Another MMQB treat: Jim Haslett, coach of the week:

How about this for strategy? Midway through the fourth quarter at Washington, with the Rams up 16-10, Haslett went to his offense and told them: Guys, the defense is really tired right now. Washington’s going to score. You’ve got to go out there and take the ball downfield and score. “They’re all looking at me like, ‘Are you crazy?’ ” Haslett said over the cell phone later. He wasn’t crazy. And they did take the ball downfield, to the winning 49-yard field goal. Haslett’s the kind of coach who pulls those kinds of motivational ploys; sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. He might be the perfect coach for these beaten-down Rams.

Not coach of the week, but still kind of funny … Jim Zorn.

(Hat tip to Mr. Irrelevant, who also had their weekly Redskins Winners and Losers)

- John Taylor