The Washington Times - October 27, 2008, 11:55AM

All’s quiet at Redskin Park. The players have a “Victory Monday” so that means no open locker room and players being shuttled into the media room. Linebacker London Fletcher was in earlier this hour.

With the Redskins 6-2 at the halfway point, it’s time to do some playoff projections.



1. NY Giants (6-1)

2. Carolina (6-2)

3. Chicago (4-3)

4. Arizona (4-3)

5. Washington (6-2)

6. Dallas (5-3)

The Redskins would play a first-round game in Arizona. The Giants and Panthers would get byes. If the Redskins don’t win the NFC East, they’ll have to win three road games to reach Tampa.


1. Tennessee (6-0)

2. Pittsburgh (5-2)

3. New England (5-2)

4. Denver (4-3)

5. Buffalo (5-2)

6. Baltimore (4-3)

Denver’s defense is awful but they would get a home playoff game against the Bills. The Ravens would travel to New England.