The Washington Times - August 14, 2009, 11:11AM

Michael Vick is at the podium in Philadelphia with Andy Reid and Vick’s chief handler, Tony Dungy.

I’m back at Redskin Park, where Jim Zorn talks at 12:25 p.m.


After a quick run through the DVR of Redskins-Ravens, some thoughts:

*Kickoff return first team: Mason, Cartwright, Alexander, Sellers, Yoder, Moore, Jackson, Blades, Fincher, McIntosh and Doughty.

*Punt coverage first team: Smith, Albright, Fincher, Yoder, Blades, Horton, Cartwright, Tryon, Sellers, Moore and Barnes.

*Punter Hunter Smith’s unofficial hang times: 3.66, 3.50, 3.87, 4.66, 4.56, 4.71, 4.19, 3.75 and 3.06 seconds. The last time Smith punted nine times in a regular season game was Sept. 22, 2002 at Houston.

*The kicker competition between Shaun Suisham and Dave Rayner has yet to start. Neither attempted a field goal and only Rayner kicked off (to start the second half).

*A brutal first half in coverage for CB Justin Tryon. In order, he was beat: 11-yard slant, 7-yard outside route, 16-yard outside slant, 15-slant from the slot and 9-yard outside from the slot. Clearly, Tryon was giving his opponent too much respect and he’s not big enough to be successful against bigger receivers in the slot.

*On the first play of his second drive, QB Jason Campbell did play action and had all day to survey the field. He threw 15 yards to Antwaan Randle El.

*CB Byron Westbrook had some good moments in his pursuit of a roster spot. On the Ravens’ second drive, he quickly shed Ravens LG Ben Grubbs to blow up a screen pass.

*Fred Smoot playing safety for a series bears watching. I thought Kareem Moore was having a pretty decent camp, but the coaches obviously think otherwise. In the second half, Moore got lost on a 42-yard gain by WR Yamon Figurs.

*WR Marques Hagans had two drops.

*RB Dominique Dorsey doesn’t look suited to returning punts. His hands aren’t good enough.

*Midway through the second quarter, rookie Brian Orakpo showed how he’ll be the most effective. Lined up in a wide split with a four-point stance, Orakpo bull-dozed LT Oniel Cousins for the quarterback pressure.

*Orakpo, DE J.D. Skolnitsky, DE Chris Wilson and DE Alex Buzbee drew holding penalties against Baltimore.

*The second half featured a ton of two-tight end formations for the Redskins and TE Todd Yoder saw some action at fullback.

*On Colt Brennan’s interception, the Ravens rushed six and slot cornerback Lardarius Webb blitzed unblocked when RB Marcus Mason went after a rusher who had beat D’Anthony Batiste.

*When Scott Burley got rolled into the back of his knee by Brennan, it was due to LT Devin Clark getting hammered in pass protection by Paul Kruger.

I’ll be back with an update after Zorn’s presser.

— Ryan O’Halloran