The Washington Times - August 16, 2009, 11:22AM

A scuffle between veteran cornerback DeAngelo Hall and rookie receiver Marko Mitchell was the highlight of this morning’s practice.

“It’s hot,” Hall explained. “We’re a little testy and we were all ready to go. Push came to shove, shove came to push and before you know it, there were punches.”


Hall said he didn’t know what got the fight started, but Mitchell owned up to it.

“I was holding DHall a little bit and he got a little frustrated, a little mad, that’s all,” Mitchell said. “A DB anytime he getting blocked by a receiver, they always we hold. Holding to them is blocking to us.”

Mitchell is a just a seventh-round draft choice, but he wasn’t going to back down to a two-time Pro Bowl player.

“I hear people feel that once you get into with a … well-known guy, a lot of times a rookie will back off, get a little scared,” Mitchell said. “I think he was just testing to see if I have some fight in me. No one want a guy who gonna back down and let somebody just push them around.” Hall said he expected the rookie to fight back. “You wouldn’t expect him to just get hit across the head and fall down,” Hall said. “I hope he stands up and fights. To see that fight out of him is good to see.”

The only players not practicing for a second straight day were offensive tackle Scott Burley (quadricep) and running back Anthony Alridge (toe).

— David Elfin