The Washington Times - August 19, 2009, 06:51PM

Ryan and I worked on a little project today, part of which you’ll see in Thursday’s dead tree edition of The Washington Times. And that got us started on trying to see just who on the Washington Redskins are on Twitter.

(What can I say, we’ve had the Redskins and Twitter on our minds this week)


So, with a hat tip to the Mottrams’ list over at Mister Irrelevant, here’s our attempt at a comprehensive list of Washington Redskins players on Twitter, in order of number of followers (as of mid-afternoon on Wednesday).

 1. Trent Shelton: @TrentShelton. Followers: 18,767 (explanation from Steinz)

 2. Chris Cooley: @thecooleyzone. Followers: 15,420

 3. DeAngelo Hall: @Dhall23. Followers: 11,124

 4. Chase Daniel: @ChaseDaniel. Followers: 7,652

 5. Devin Thomas: @devinthomas. Followers: 5,024

 6. Rocky McIntosh: @rockym52.  Followers: 3,610

 7. Jeremy Jarmon: @DoubleJJ99. Followers: 1,411

 8. Robert Henson: @RedskinsLB58. Followers: 763

 9. Keith Eloi: @Keloi16. Followers: 747

 10. Phillip Daniels: @ThatBoyPhil93. Followers: 365

 11. Cody Glenn: @txskerskin. Followers: 242

LaRon Landry: @Landry30. Followers: 188

A few observations:

- Landry is a very new addition, thus the low number of followers. His first Tweet was Aug. 4:Ready to get some sleep and watch the nfl network cuzz it the best channel ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(turns out the LaRon Landry account is a fake, which is actually comforting)

(And I somehow forgot Jeremy Jarmon)

- Glenn is probably the least active and interesting

- You never really know if Cooley is Cooley or his brother, who also Tweets. And they really enjoy selling stuff.

- And, an honorable mention for former Redskins corner Darrell Green (@darrellgreen28), who recently signed up and already has 1,656 followers — and is pretty active and hilarious, often unintentionally.

Enjoy the list, follow them all — you’ll get to see some entertaining interaction — and let us know if you see some new additions.

- John

(oh yeah — we’re on Twitter, as is Ryan. Follow!)