The Washington Times - August 19, 2009, 04:14PM

On probably the most humid day of training camp, the Redskins went through a 65-minute special teams practice this afternoon.

The two highlights:


1. The Redskins worked on on-side kicks but against no resistence.

2. After practice, former UVa quarterback Marques Hagans threw a pass 60 yards off the cross-bar.

Afterward special teams coach Danny Smith spoke with reporters.

*On the kicking rotation for Saturday night: “I have thought about it – I have some thoughts in my mind. I’m not trying to keep anything secret but I haven’t discussed it with the players yet so I would rather not say. But if you think about what we did last time and predict that we might do that again, you would probably be right.”

That’s classic Danny. Last week’s plan (which means it’s this week’s plan) was Shaun Suisham in the first half and Dave Rayner in the second half.

*Smith on the Redskins getting just one kickoff last week:”Every game has great value. The game obviously weighs a little more and we need action in the games. It’s hard, it’s very difficult. But there’s nothing you can do it. Hopefully things will even out so we’ll get kicks in the upcoming games.”

*The last two-a-day is Thursday. Practices are at 8:30 a.m. and 3 p.m.

— Ryan O’Halloran