The Washington Times - August 22, 2009, 08:31PM

Not sure why Jim Zorn wouldn’t choose to go for it on fourth and less than two yards to go on the first drive — a drive that almost made you forget last week’s forgettable performance. The Redskins had the momentum, and moved the ball at will after the fake punt, thanks largely to a better effort by the offensive line. Portis ended the quarter with 26 yards on five carries.

The Redskins defense performed similarly; an impressive first series that stymied the Steelers, then a drive where they gave up three big plays after giving Pittsburgh good field position to start the drive.


And I suppose you can say Suisham is the leader in the kicking derby; his kickoff after his fieldgoal made it down to about the 3 yard line.

Campbell hasn’t looked especially sharp so far, especially considering the amount of time he’s had to throw; he’s completed just one pass, a 10-yard gain to Cooley. And they came out throwing — the first Redskins offensive play of the game was a bomb to Malcolm Kelly, who was surrounded by three defensive backs.