The Washington Times - August 22, 2009, 09:10PM

And in the second quarter, the backups moved the ball.

Veteran QB Todd Collins looked as good as he’s looked since Al Saunders left town, completing four of his five passes and even moving around a little bit in the pocket. He also spread it around, hitting rookie Marko Mitchell and second-year guys Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly and Marcus Mason.


Same goes for Dennis Dixon and Pittsburgh’s batch of backups in the second quarter. He showed what we knew he could do — scramble, make plays — and he threaded the needle late in the half to Limas Sweed on a roll out right.

The guy who still stands out for the Redskins, though, is on the other side of the ball: Brian Orakpo, the team’s first round pick. He’s still a little loose in coverage when he’s lined up at linebacker, but when they let him pursue, get into the backfield, he makes things happen. So far, it looks like the kid’s got it, and he’s going to make an impact this season.

Funny ending Part 1: Collins killed the Redskins’ last drive with an interception in traffic

Funny ending Part II: The Steelers missed two field goal attempts as time expired, getting a second shot after an offsides penalty by Washington.

So, tack on just one field goal for the Steelers, and it’s 10-3 Pittsburgh at halftime.

- John Taylor